The Remedy for Garlic Breath

If you can’t stand the smell of garlic, then add in or eat a bit of fresh or dried parsley with your garlic. If you use it topically, make dried parsley ‘tea’ with hot water and use that to wash the offending area, or rub the area with something made of stainless steel to remove the oils. If you can’t stand the burn/taste of garlic, try warming it in butter or using it with a recipe that uses oil (pesto, salad dressing, pasta sauce with olive oil). Melted butter is just shy of magic with garlic, turning the fiesty burn into a velvety rich flavor.

For skin that is sensitive to garlic, try applying garlic remedies to the back or the soles of the feet, which seem to be less sensitive skin. If you’re sensitive to the smell of garlic, then applying GOOT or garlic oil to the soles of the feet just before bed, and layer with old socks to prevent oil stains.


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