Ways to store Our Garlic


Hello Garlic Lovers!

We at Smoked-Garlic-Shop want you to enjoy the flavour, aroma and usability of our garlic at their very best.

So we would like to inform you of our recommended and safest ways to store your flavoured smoked garlic when you receive it.

There is a lot of talk about the way to store garlic which have added oil for cooking purposes (I.e. smoking or roasting) or immersed in oil for long term preserving. This is because there is a risk of harmful bacteria developing, however remote .


Our garlic has been partially cooked and, to a degree, dried by our Barbismoked method. But so as not to cause any confusion or concerns our customers may have regarding this issue we currently advise that our flavoured smoked garlic (including the Smoked Loose Garlic Cloves) should be stored in the fridge in an airtight container and this way it will keep beautifully for approximately 3 weeks.

However, our experience tells us that they can last up to twice as long if the fridge temperature is constant at around 3-4 degrees centigrade.

The garlic can be used straight from the fridge or removed 30 minutes or so before use if you prefer for the flavours to warm up!

Freeze If You Like

You can of course freeze the the bulbs to keep them for even longer.

They can be frozen whole or push the peeled soft cloves through a garlic press to make a paste and then freeze in small portions (like an ice cube tray). Because usually the small amount of oil used in our Barbismoked method doesn’t allow them to freeze hard the flesh can be scooped straight from the freezer ready to be added to your recipe.

Alternatively chop the cloves and put them into small freezer bags, or leave the cloves whole, wrap them in freezer film and simply remove when required!

Cold Smoked Garlic

Cold Smoked Garlic can be kept in a cool dry place.

These will keep for at least 6 weeks – in our experience we have found they keep well in airtight containers or clay/ceramic garlic keepers. They too can of course be frozen if desired, as above.


We hope you love using your smoked garlic in whichever flavours you have chosen, and remember you don’t have to store them for weeks on end – you could just eat them up and have some more!!