Smoked Garlic with Tipsy Prawns and Pancetta


Pack of peeled uncooked prawns

Pack of scallops

Few slices of smoked pancetta

2 Large or 4 small cloves of
Barbismoked™ – SmokedGarlic™  – crushed

1 Shallot chopped finely

Paprika to taste

1 small glass of light sherry

Salt & pepper to taste

Lemon wedges


Gently fry the shallot until softened on a medium heat

Add the prawns and scallops and stir fry together with the shallots, keeping everything moving so as not to burn, add the crushed smoked garlic and continue to stir fry.

Add the paprika, seasonings and sherry, continue to stir fry until the sherry has mostly evaporated.

Serve piping hot with a fresh green salad and squeeze the lemon over the prawns for a zesty finish.


Recipe kindly donated by Ann T

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