1 kg strained yogurt.
1 cup olive oil
2 tsp. Vinegar.
1 large whole cucumber with peel.
4 cloves Mint Smoked Garlic.
1 cup chopped dill.
2 tbs chopped mint.
Pinch of salt.
For decorating.
2 tsp olive oil.
some black olives.


Wash the cucumbers whole with the peel, cut the edges and grate from the thick side of a grater.
Lightly season with salt and leave in a colander to strain fluids for about 15 minutes.
Then press by hand to dry completely.
Put the yogurt in a large bowl. Add the cucumber and mix well.
Mash the Mint Smoked Garlic in a mortar with a little salt until creamy and put into the yogurt .
Mix well, add the olive oil and vinegar.
Season with salt lightly, add the dill and mint and stir.
Serve in bowls, drizzle with a little oil and decorate with black olives.


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