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Garlic for Health - Tips & Precautions

Garlic Supplements

Taking garlic supplements on a regular basis will help prevent the common cold. A study from University of Maryland Medical Center found that people who regularly took garlic supplements during cold and flu season were less likely to suffer from colds, and if they did, their symptoms subsided faster than those who were not taking garlic. Supplements are available at most pharmacies and grocery stores. Consult a doctor before starting your garlic regimen in order to determine proper dosage for your individual health needs.

Although garlic is very safe and highly effective, some may experience side effects. Follow the tips below to ensure a positive experience.

•When taken in excessive amounts, garlic causes bad breath, body odor, indigestion, and mouth irritation.
•Garlic also thins the blood, so avoid taking it with other blood thinners.
•Garlic lowers glucose levels and increases the release of insulin, so it should not be used by those taking drugs that lower blood sugar.
•People who are allergic to onions, leeks, and chives may also be allergic to garlic. Use it in very small amounts at first, and if you see signs of allergic reaction, stop right away.
•Because garlic increases the risk of bleeding, pregnant women should not use it as a cold remedy.
•Over-cooking garlic may destroy its medicinal properties, so whenever possible, crush or mince it and eat it raw.
•Drink plenty of water while taking garlic supplements.
•Get plenty of rest.
•Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.
•Get regular exercise.

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