Caribbean-style fried fish

2 fish fillets of your choice (we used sea bass)
1 lemon or lime
2 cloves Ginger and Lime smoked garlic, peeled
½ small onion, peeled
2 spring onions, trimmed
½ Scotch bonnet pepper or 1 red chilli (Hassrah uses Scotch bonnet peppers, a really hot type of chilli, but ordinary red chillies are just as good)
4-6 stems fresh coriander
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Oil, for frying
Plain flour, for dusting
Toasted bread, to serve

Wash the fish and pat it dry with absorbent kitchen paper. Squeeze a few drops of lemon or lime juice on to the flesh.
Place the Ginger and Lime smoked garlic, onion, spring onion, Scotch bonnet (or chilli), coriander and seasoning into a small blender and purée to a paste. Spread over the fish and leave it to marinate for at least 15 mins.
Heat some oil in a frying pan. Put some plain flour in a bowl and dip the fish in it. Place the fish in the hot oil, without overcrowding the pan. Fry the fish on each side until golden brown.
Remove the fish from the pan and place on absorbent kitchen paper to absorb any excess oil.
Serve fish with toasted bread. Delicious! (Not suitable for freezing).


Based on a recipe featured here: Good to Know


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