Our Barbimoked Garlic Life Story


First of all let us begin by saying that we have to give you an official ‘use within…’ time frame


So here it is –

We recommend you use Smoked Garlic bulbs within 14 days of receipt to enjoy them at their best.


However, and here’s the thing … they actually last a LOT longer! What’s more they mature over time, with the distinctive smoky flavour retained for many weeks…..

We’d like to map out a general timeline guide* for what to expect from your Smoked Garlic’s life span, assuming storage is in a cool, dry and dark area of your kitchen, for example in a clay garlic keep away from sunlight, or in an airtight container.

It all starts with the humble garlic bulb – she may be small, medium or large in size, of a plump or compact nature, she may be pure white, creamy or have a purplish hue, then we marry it up with aromatic flavours of herbs, spices, citrus fruits, salty, sour and sweet ingredients to enhance and compliment it’s natural flavour with our Barbismoked method to create a product which, we hope you will agree, is a whole new taste experience!  

The bulb has a freshly smoked sumptuous aroma, the outer skins slightly crisp. Some will take on the deep colour of the spices, some a more creamy or golden appearance, others will be ‘wrapped’ in the herbs we use – the fragrance of the added flavourings clinging nicely to the bulb. The cloves inside may seem slightly shrunken which is quite normal.


When you peel an individual clove you should discover it is firm to the touch but when you crush, mince, press or chop, it is soft, almost like butter, it’s yield a little resistant under the touch of a press or knife blade.

When you add smoked cloves to your favourite recipes you are introducing different layers of subtle flavours which enhance the dish you have prepared.

The taste is like a gentle garlic explosion! Less of the pungent lingering after-breath and more of the melded flavourings to savour.


The outer skins soften slightly but the cloves remain firm inside, as above, and with all that smoky aroma and our subtle flavourings sitting together beautifully infusing away quietly in their little ‘shells’. The taste is just as good.


The bulb is beginning to mature well now – the smokiness, the garlicky-ness and the added herbs or spices are married well together. The cloves remain firm and are easily shelled from their skins, the olive oil used in the preparation makes this possible and by happy coincidence helps to retain the added flavourings.


Now moving past the ‘use within’ and ‘best before’ times our bulb is still holding its shape and firmness. She may start to look a little dryer on the outside but inside she’s still good to go


Our little garlic is starting to look a bit weary and the skins may have started to harden at their tip but, as above, the flavour and aroma are all still just as good. The cloves may begin to harden a little also, but are still just as usable. One or two cloves may have started to become very squishy inside their skins. It will depend on which flavouring has been used to some degree, (eg Salt n Pepper with White Wine Vinegar or Honey and Balsamic) but even so, the flavour and aroma is still just as delicious, and these soft cloves can be used as you would a paste.


The humble garlic (remember, the one we started with) has matured for over a month now, and still she gives us the wonderful savoury garlicky smell and mouth watering taste we all love together with the now softened flavours of our added herbs or spices. She might be a little shabby on the outside but inside she’s still full of a milder smoky deliciousness, ready be minced into a Spag Bol or pressed and added to a sharp Greek Salad…

Finally, well almost, keeping the garlic in the fridge or in an airtight container (in or out of the fridge) is just as good as storing in a clay garlic keep as mentioned at the beginning. You may find that some outer skins of the garlic cloves stored in the fridge become a little moist, but we haven’t found this to affect the cloves’ performance.


We aren’t pretending that the garlic will look as fresh and aesthetically pleasing as the day it was produced but we have found through experience that it will indeed be as tasty and perfectly usable for many weeks to come..


A word about the Cold Smoked Garlic


As these little golden fellas have been smoked at a cool temperature (below 37C) for many hours, they are not ‘cooked’, so bear in that mind as they are as strong in pungency as their unsmoked cousins, so should be used as you would those. These lovelies should keep for 6 weeks or more and we recommend they are not kept in the fridge, but stored either in airtight containers or a garlic keep.

You might like to know that we have not had a single bulb that we have Barbismoked turn mouldy or unpleasant to the the taste, and we have kept some for a loooong time…

So there you have it, a pocket life story of our Gourmet Smoked Garlic.

We sincerely hope that you have as much fun cooking with our gourmet garlics as we do preparing them for you. We would really love hearing how you have used and enjoyed our Smoked Garlic in your recipes at home.


*Please note

  • We can’t be exact about the times referred to above because of the varying nature of each bulb & the effect our process has on them.