Just so you know…

The bulbs, after they have been simply flavoured and smoked will feel soft and may appear as though the cloves have shrunken inside their skins. This is normal.
When you use your garlic you will find that the clove skin peels off easily and inside is firm to the touch but soft almost like butter when you chop, slice, mince or crush.
A great thing about these bulbs is that they will last several weeks as the smoking process preserves them!
You will find that not only over time will the flavours mature but also sometimes the cloves may become sticky inside.
This too is normal and the garlic’s flavour is in no way diminished and can be used in the same way as you would with minced or crushed cloves.
You will also find the familiar pungency and after taste you experience with fresh un smoked garlic is softened and the taste is milder, without lingering on your breath!
Because of that you may wish to cook with more cloves than you would usually – which is why you will notice in our recipe ideas that we suggest using, for example, 4 – 5 cloves instead of 1 or 2 which you may normally have expected to see in those same recipes.
The exception is the Cold Smoked Garlic – as these bulbs have been smoked for a many hours at a low temperature, as the name would suggest, the cloves are not ‘cooked’, and therefore they are as strong in pungency as their unsmoked counterparts, but with those subtle gorgeous smokey overtones.
Some people like to keep their flavoured smoked bulbs wrapped in the fridge, (yes we know, usually a No No), and some like to keep them in a garlic keep or an airtight container (in or out of the fridge)
We have found that they keep just as well wherever you store them! So whatever you prefer is just fine with us.
We would advise however that the cold smoked variety be kept out of the fridge. As garlic is a seasonal vegetable the bulbs we use depends on the time of year – we use the best quality from the UK and Spain, and also imported from the Far East.