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  • Smoked Onions Made For Thai Recipes SmokedOnions™ - Thai Spice with Clementine and Coconut

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Thai Clementine and Coconut SmokedOnions™ - evoking a taste of the far east we bring you richly spicy and sweet smoked onions using the  Barbismoked™ method to fuse the flavours together perfectly

Barbismoked Garlic Recipe Recommendations

  • A perfect ingredient in all Thai recipes
  • Goes well in Caribbean dishes
  • A lovely addition to soups and sauces
  • Use as a cold accompaniment in buffets

We have Barbismoked™ Large Brown Onion 

  • Thai seasoning  (salt, chilli powder, pepper,cumin, oregano,dried garlic powder, ginger, coriander, dried lemon peel, cassia, dried chillies, cinnamon, white pepper, sugar, dried onion, star anise, dried green peppercorns, dried jalapeno chillies, cayenne pepper)
  • Toasted Coconut
  • Clementine Zest
  • Coconut Oil

Please note

  • Our Barbismoked™ Smoked Onions come in small, medium and large, and in red or brown varieties (subject to availability).  They are available in all flavours in our Smoked Onion range - see below
  • Product may contain traces of nuts (see allergens in bold)
  • minimum order qty x 3
  • See here for storage information

Choose From

  • Large Smoked Onion - Red or White   - £2.00 x 1

  • Medium Smoked Onions - Red or White - £1.50 x 2

  • Small Smoked Onions (inc Shallots) - Red or White £1.20 x 3

  • Eschalion Shallots - £1.50 x 2

As we have a minimum order value of £5 why not try a selection of different flavours to share with friends or try in all your favourite recipes

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3 Years 3 Months 28 Days 16 Hours 49 Minutes 2 Seconds ago

We made a thai green curry at the weekend and used this amazingly flavoured smoked onion in the sauce – chopped roughly and added to the marinaded chicken and coconut sauce – wow! we had a lotta compliments from our guests and will deffo buy again and try some other flavours too

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