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Smoked Paprika Seasoned SmokedGarlic™ - Warm extra smoky pepper flavoured smoked garlic using the Barbismoked™ method

Barbismoked™ Garlic Recipe Recommendations

  • Adds more subtle smokiness to Barbecued food
  • Fantastic with rich meats and chicken
  • Try it with Chilli and Burgers
  • Use to make smoky croutons


We have used

  • Ground Smoked Paprika
  • Light Olive Oil

  • As we have a minimum order of £5 why not share a mixed selection with your friends for them to try too!

 - Please Note

  • That the size of our smoked garlic will vary according to seasonal availability
  • minimum average between  45mm - 50mm
  • minimum order qty x 3
  • Products may contain traces of nuts [see allergens]
  • See here for storage information


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User Reviews
3 Years 4 Months 28 Days 3 Hours 52 Minutes 43 Seconds ago

Made BBQ sauce with this garlic – crushed and then chopped finely and stirred into the basic mix – we had a family ‘do’ and had loads of comments from our guests about how great the sauce was – smuggly said it was an old family recipe but had to own up in the end that id found this great new ingredient! It will have to become an old family recipe now!

3 Years 4 Months 25 Days 9 Hours 42 Minutes 43 Seconds ago

Thanks Bob – I’ll do that next time!

I used this crushed into a bbq marinade for chicken – OMG – what a difference it made to my usual offerings
Recommended and cant wait to try other flavours

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