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  • Smoked Garlic & Salty Caramel Jumbo Bulbs - 10 bulb pk

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Salty Caramel flavoured Cold SmokedGarlic™ bulbs - by Barbismoked - sweet smoky toffee tempting aromas that feel like a warm hug on a chilly day..


Barbismoked Garlic Recipe Recommendations

  • Slip some under the skin of a Roasting Chicken
  • Stir some crushed into Chinese Stir Fries
  • Perfect with Baked Gammon
  • Squash into paste and add to Caribbean Curries
  • Great with BBQ pork ribs
  • Add to Savoury Pancake mix or Bread Dough

We have Used

  • Cold smoked Garlic - (brushed with rape seed oil)
  • Salty Caramel flavouring  (water, propylene glycol,salt, plain caramel)

 As we have a minimum order value of £5, why not share a mixed selection with your friends for them to try too!

Please Note:

  • that the size of our smoked garlic will vary according to seasonal availability
  • minimum average between  60mm – 65mm
  • minimum order qty x 1 pack of 5 bulbs
  • Product may contain traces of celery, cereals - gluten, milk, mustard, soya)
  • See here for storage information



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