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  • Smoked Garlic Made For Indian Recipes - Cooks Special - Foodie Gift Box

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Indian Recipes Cooks' Special Gift Box contains 20 fabulous Barbismoked™ Gourmet Smoked Garlic bulbs consisting of at least five different flavours for the discerning cook who loves to experiment with recipes - great as an unusual foodie gift for your friends and relatives


The Cooks Special gift box will be made up from our range of our Indian Spicy Barbismoked™ garlic flavours (subject to availabilty) and can include a variety from the list below


We can gift wrap your selection box if you wish and include a handwritten card with your own message  - for an additional £1.50  (We will be in touch with you for these details)

Recommended Recipes

Indian Recipes

Please Note

  • Minimum order 1 box x 20 bulbs
  • The images are for example purposes only
  • Garlic bulbs may vary in size
  • Products may contain traces of nuts (see allergens in bold)
  • See here for storage information


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