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Coconut and Ginger SmokedGarlic™ - Sweet and rounded flavours with subtle smokiness using the Barbismoked™ method


Barbismoked™ Garlic Recipe Recommendations:

- Adds sweet aromatic notes with a slight tingle to salads, soups and stir fries
- Great in risotto and Italian dishes
- Perfect for Thai cooking
- Use minced into stuffing-mix for pork or chicken

We have used:

Coconut oil
Creamed coconut
Toasted Dessicated Coconut
Ground ginger

-  As we have a minimum order value of £5, we suggest you share a mixed selection with your friends to try as well!

-  Please note

  • that the size of our smoked garlic will vary according to seasonal availability
  • minimum average between  45mm - 50mm
  • minimum order qty x 3
  • Products may contain traces of nuts (see allergens in bold)
  • See here for storage information



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3 Years 4 Months 28 Days 3 Hours 50 Minutes 19 Seconds ago

I tried the Brocolli recipe as suggested with this garlic flavour and i can tell you it was amazing! even my kids who wont normally eat anything green tucked in as the aroma was sooo good. Can recommend this one and cant wait to try some other flavours

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