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  • Smoked Garlic Flavoured With Basil and Black Peppercorn - 3 bulbs

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Basil and Black Peppercorn SmokedGarlic™ - aromatic and peppery - subtle flavoured smoked garlic using the Barbismoked™ method

Barbismoked™ Garlic Recipe Recommendations:

  • Use in your favourite pesto recipe - with pasta
  • Try in soups and stews
  • Great with Pork and Chicken

 - As we have a minimum order quantity of £5, we recommend sharing a mixed selection with your friends to try as well!   -   Make a gift of Smoked Garlic to your friends and family - see here for more details

Please note

  • that the size of our smoked garlic will vary according to seasonal availability
  • minimum average between  45mm - 50mm
  • minimum order qty x 3
  • See here for storage information


We have used

  • Light Olive Oil
  • Fresh and Dried Basil
  • Ground Black Pepper

Here are some recipes we've enjoyed with this flavoured garlic

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User Reviews
3 Years 6 Months 23 Days 16 Hours 36 Minutes 18 Seconds ago

I always buy this from smoked-garlic-shop as it is now a staple in all my italian recipes.
Makes perfect pesto and when crushed and added to favourites like lasagna or bolognaise the kids cant eat enough!

My personal favourite recipe is Rigatoni with peas, mushrooms and asparagus sauce – just add to the sauce in the final stages to get a real burst of smoky herby loveliness mmmmmm

3 Years 6 Months 9 Days 1 Hours 11 Minutes 18 Seconds ago

lovely in pesto!

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